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Privacy Policy

Donor Privacy Policy

Last updated June 2014

Suhanee Foundation collects limited information about the organizations/persons (donors) that contribute to the organization’s cause. These may include things like name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, amount donated, and any messages/comments. Contact information such as email-addresses and phone numbers will only be used for the following purposes:
• Thank donors for their donation
• Inform donors about organization updates and upcoming events
• Internal record keeping and analysis
• Reporting to relevant U.S. and State revenue agencies (not for public inspection)
• Send donation receipts to donors

Suhanee Foundation will by no means release, reproduce, publish, or distribute any private information such as the above to any outside organizations, businesses, or individuals.

Acknowledgement of donors is not published on the website or any organization materials such as brochures, slideshows, press releases, etc. without the consent of the donor. Donors featured under the “Suhanee Enthusiasts” portion of the website have expressed interest and/or consent in having their donations acknowledged. If you are a donor and wish to be featured, please send an email to

Financial information provided via the PayPal payment processing service will not be recorded or accessed by the foundation, including credit card numbers or bank accounts. The data processed by this service remains confidential.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, please email